Claws Supplies

Pets are individuals and owners decide on what foods meet their particular circumstances. This includes consideration of the pet's activity level, lifestyle and lifestage (e.g puppy vs adult), the pet's preferences in regards to food and the owner's opinion regarding convenience, cost, variety and suitability of various available pet foods. There is no particular right way to feed pets, as long as the nutritional needs of the dog or cat are being met.

Our range of claws supplies includes Chicken food, Chicken feeds, chook feeds, duck feeds, goose feed, goose and duck care, showbird care - all of which are available in different sizes and different popular pet food brands.


Popular Chicken and Duck Food Products We Stock

Please check at time of purchase that these products are still in stock.

  • AusPak Chook Mix (30kg)
  • Chick Starter Crumbles (20kg)
  • Darling Downs Layer (20kg)
  • Duck & Goose Finisher Pellets (20kg)
  • Duck & Goose Starter Crumbles (20kg)
  • Gamebird Finisher (20kg)
  • Gamebird Maintenance (20kg)
  • Gamebird Starter (20kg)
  • Golden Yolk (20kg)
  • Hi-Lay Mash (20kg)
  • HomeLay
  • Layers Premix 3:1 (30kg)
  • Meatline Finisher (20kg)
  • Meatline Starter (20kg)
  • Poultry Grain Mix N/Harvest (20kg)
  • Poultry Grain Blend Barastoc (20kg)
  • Pullet Grower Pellets (20kg)
  • Red Hen Free Range (20kg)
  • Red Hen Free Range (30kg)
  • Red Hen Layer (20kg)
  • Red Hen Layer (30kg)
  • Red Hen Meat Bird (30kg)
  • Red Hen Pullet (20kg)
  • Shell Grit (20kg)
  • Showbird Breeder (20kg)
  • Turkey Starter Crumbles (20kg)
  • X Mix/Free Range (30kg)
  • Xtra Egg (20kg)
  • Xtra Egg (30kg)