Fish and Turtle Feeds

Pets are individuals and owners decide on what foods meet their particular circumstances. This includes consideration of the pet's activity level, lifestyle and lifestage (e.g puppy vs adult), the pet's preferences in regards to food and the owner's opinion regarding convenience, cost, variety and suitability of various available pet foods. There is no particular right way to feed pets, as long as the nutritional needs of the dog or cat are being met. In many cases owners "mix and match" a variety of different types of pet foods and that's fine, providing owners observe a couple of important things with regards to their pet's food:

The food offered should be sufficiently concentrated to enable the dog or cat to meet its nutritional needs by eating a reasonable amount of the food provided and easily digested, so that the stools of the pet are well formed, making it easy to clean up.

Palatability is an important consideration, to ensure the food is eagerly consumed, since an uneaten meal has no nutritional value. Feeding time should be an enjoyable experience and rewarding for both the owner and the pet.

Popular Fish and Turtle Food Products We Stock

Please check at time of purchase that these products are still in stock.

  • Barra Pellets, 4mm (30kg)
  • Heart & Prawns (10 x 100gm)
  • Blood Worms (12x100gm)
  • Community Diet, frozen (10 trays)
  • Goldfish Crumbles (28gm)
  • Goldfish diet, frozen (10 x 100gm)
  • Goldfish Flakes (5kg)
  • Goldfish Flakes (3.5kg)
  • Goldfish Floating Pellets (71gm) Wardley
  • Goldfish Ten medium (71gm)
  • Hermit Crab Food (100gm)
  • Reptile Ten Stick (135gm)
  • Reptile Ten Stick (57gm)
  • Tropical Fish Crumbles (71gm)
  • Tropical Fish Flakes (28gm)
  • Tropical Fish Flakes (5kg)
  • Tropical Fish Flakes (3.5kg)
  • Turtle Diet (10 x 100gm)
  • Turtle Diet, vegetarian (10 x 100gm)
  • Turtle Food Aquamaster (125gm)
  • Turtle Pellets (M) 70gm
  • Turtle Pellets (S) 80gm
  • Weekend Feeder, Aristopet (6 blocks)
  • Weekend Block, Rudducks
  • weekend Feeder, Aristopet, shell (25gm)